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Battery Management Systems

The new Hardy BMS boxes are here!

FLEX BMS is now available.

bms The Flex BMS-48 provides a complete Battery Management and Monitoring System solution for Lithium based electric vehicles. This version of the Flex BMS product is designed to support 25-48 cell Lithium-ion based electric vehicles which are typically DC powered, highway capable vehicles (80v-192v). The Flex BMS is not chemistry specific and can be programmed for almost any type of Lithium chemistry cell.

The BMS architecture has a centralized data collection system and a small dash mounted display Console. The data collection system monitors the voltage on each battery and provides a battery balancing function. The dash console provides a simple user interface to provide the primary battery condition information to the user. The dash Console does not have to be constantly monitored; it will provide alerts when there is a battery problem or when batteries have reached their low voltage point.

bms The features of the Flex BMS are:

Production is underway for the standard configuration.

BMS Pricing:

To purchase, you can click on "shop" above or purchase thru KTA Services , a leading supplier of EV components.

There is a nice comparison chart for BMS at http://liionbms.com/php/bms_options.php#Fancy%20BMS

Custom configurations also available. If you need a special BMS box, we can provide it.

For questions, e-mail hardy.mark -at- convertthefuture.com

Click HERE to see photos of customer installations and users manual.

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